AUTUMN WEDDING • Greenhouse • Düren


The motto of this wonderful greenhouse wedding in autumn was
"Love Lights Everything".
A special atmosphere was created with a loving decoration in Boho style and in mustard yellow warm colors.

Getting Ready

Before the bride and groom met, the groom and bride were styled one after the other in the old greenhouse. It usually doesn't take much more than a chair and a mirror. In the midday light that was still very bright, I caught the Getting Ready. With special accessories or jewelry, great outfits in boho style were created that reflect the motto "Love Lights Everything" with whose warm colors are also reflected here excellently.


Shortly before the wedding, in the light-flooded greenhouse, things got exciting again, because the bride and groom met for the first time at the first look. It crackled and a magical atmosphere emerged among all those present as the bride slowly and elegantly walked along the path towards the macrame with a slightly shy look.

Marriage vows

The wedding speaker received the bride and groom on the macrame arch with stylish lanterns and long scarves in vintage style. Before the marriage vows were given, a singer with a suitable guitar accompaniment supported the mood. Live singing and soft music couldn't be more appropriately matched.

Traditional wedding rituals before the ring swap and the marriage vows made by the two of them didn't leave the wedding party dry.

The ring swap itself turned out to be a special moment. In a small glass box matching the decoration, marriage vows were stored, which were made to each other. It couldn't be more personal.

Dream couple

The newly married couple could not stop and immediately after the wedding they had a little easy dance.

Coffee & Sweets

A lovingly designed table with table decorations made of metallic utensils such as chandeliers and cutlery, as well as material objects such as table runners and serviettes, also stood in the middle of the dilapidated greenhouse. With numerous decorative details, lanterns, LED decorations or dried flowers, a fantastic and elegantly modern ambience was created when the rays of the sun fall flat.

A drip cake style cake in warm colors and the candy bar with delicious treats attracted attention.

"Love Lights Everything"

Before sunset, the bride and groom let their thoughts wander at the gin bar. The bar was able to impress with its individual lettering details in comfortable armchairs.

In the evening, the new couple went relaxed through the wedding location. Walking towards the setting sun, romantic couple photos were created in a lost-place manner.

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