Wedding album, photo book and photo box of your wedding

Choose your desired wedding album or photo book from a wide variety of individualized appealing variants or your print media for photo boxes from me. You will receive this from me along with the digital media on a stylish USB stick.

Upon request, I will create a large, personalized photo album or small personal photo books of the many special highlights of your wedding day in the individual design you have selected. I have high demands on the quality of your wedding album or large-format prints. While leafing through and looking at your selected wedding photos, you can experience the atmosphere, highlights, surprises or the atmosphere of your wedding at any time.


Wedding album

The big day of the wedding with all its events is often longed for for a long time and then passes too quickly. With your personal wedding album, photo book and / or a photo box of selected photos for your closest friends, beloved family members or just you personally, the special moments and emotions at the edge of the wedding do not go unnoticed. While you and the wedding party are enjoying an unforgettable day, I also take photographs of details such as decorations, emotional thanks, decorated locations or elegant wedding bodies.