Eyelash Extension & glamour nails

eyelash extension

breathtaking glance

With the individual eyelash technique, your natural eyelashes are effectively lengthened and thickened. See for yourself! Your eyelashes feel light, flexible and natural, as if they were your own.

Vorher Nachher der Wimpernverlängerung
  • black or dark brown
  • different lengths and bends
  • colored eyelashes
  • Swarovski stones as eye-catchers

newly made

  • 120 €

fill up

  • 80 € (6-7 weeks)
  • 60 € (4-5 weeks)
  • 50 € (3 weeks)
  • 35 € (2 weeks)

nail design

glamorous nails - from classic simple to fancy and expressive!

For you personally, your wedding or large family celebration, a gel nail design can be made with different techniques, such as airbrush, brush painting, one stroke, stamps, Svarowski stones or glitter in the appropriate design.
I would like to advise you in my own modern nail studio.